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Why Internal Audits Are Essential for Small Business
Most small business owners and executives are aware of the risks that face their company...  More »

Understanding Your Investment Fiduciary Duties

When it comes to performing fiduciary duties, plan sponors generally fall into one of three categories...  More »

Public Companies Face New SOX Compliance Challenges 
Public companies are facing new compliance challenges as they attempt to incorporate the 2013 Committee of Sponsoring Organizations...  More »

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Congratulations to Ruth Snell for 5 Years of Service

June 18, 2014
Ruth Snell was recently recognized for her 5th anniversary with Holtzman Partners.
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Holtzman Partners Celebrates 10th Anniversary

May 1, 2014
Holtzman Partners announced today that May 2014 marks a decade since the firm was founded.
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Three New Managers Named at Holtzman Partners

February 18, 2014
Holtzman Partners is pleased to announce that Patrick Carvey, CPA, Mark Knight, CPA, CISA, and Christie Williams, CPA, have been promoted to manager. More >>